MYRRHA: an innovative research installation

Broad spectrum of applications

The last 65 years, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) has piled up a large expertise in various fields within nuclear research which allows it to be renowned internationally. To preserve and strengthen the Belgian expertise and to continuously be at the forefront of innovation in the future, our researchers and engineers designed MYRRHA.

Innovative research reactor will replace the BR2 reactor and provide even more opportunities to participate in the development of promising sustainable technologies.


A broad spectrum of applications

  • Development of technologies allowing to process radioactive waste through transmutation.
  • Production of radioisotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of disease such as cancer, for which global demand is constantly growing.
  • Development of new radioisotopes for therapeutic purposes.   
  • Fundamental scientific research in nuclear physics, atomic physics, fundamental interactions, solid-state physics, nuclear medicine, … (More info on the ISOL@MYRRHA web site) 
  • Development of advanced nuclear reactors, essentially reactors cooled by lead-bismuth.
  • Testing materials and components for new nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reactors.
  • Pioneering research in every aspect of nuclear energy.
  • Training of new generations of nuclear experts.